Plantain specialists and their transformation into frozen ready-to-eat products.
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Plátano maduro en trozos


Sweet ripe plantain drums that optimize your time and standardize quality and processes in your kitchen. They are ideal for baking or frying as a dessert and can be paired with butter, cheese, guava jam, or any topping you prefer. They are vacuum-sealed and kept frozen, so you have them at hand and can prepare them very easily and quickly whenever you want.

  • 100% Fruit, 100% natural, 100% yield.
  • Zero waste, ready to use.
  • Quality, process, and flavor standardization.
  • Controlled costs
  • Long-lasting.
  • Inventory control and systematization.
  • Savings in labor, waste, time, and packaging.
  • Minimizes work accidents. No messy peeling.
  • Year-round availability.